Oswego School Board OKs A Pair Of Contracts

OSWEGO, NY – The Oswego School Board approved a pair of contracts at Tuesday’s meeting. One is for the coming school year and the other for 2017-18.

The board ratified a memorandum of agreement – CSEA contract (effective July 1, 2016) and approved extending the contract of Superintendent Dr. Dean Goewey for the 2017-18 school year.

As per the superintendent’s contract, every June is when he’s evaluated, board president Kathleen Allen said.

“It is for the 2017-18 school year. It is not for the upcoming school year,” she explained. “To get somebody (from the outside) to come here, we would have paid an extra $30,000. But we knew what we were going into budget wise. Dean accepted that contract knowing what he’s in for.”

“I think you have to reiterate that when Dean was kind of holding the fort for us and was filling two jobs for a number of months by the end of November when we talked with Dean about stepping in and taking over for us because we needed stability here,” board vice president Lynda Sereno said.

The vote was 6-1 with Brian Haessig voting no. He said he agreed with the other board members, except for the timing of the extension.

Sereno pointed out there would be no salary adjustment until the corresponding school year.

“I know that,” Haessig said. “It’s just the timing of this. That’s why I’m going to vote no.”

“I’m thrilled that (the board) has the confidence in me to extend my contract,” Dr. Goewey said.

The vote was unanimous on the CSEA contract.

The pact was “overwhelmingly” approved by the CSEA membership.

“It’s a one-year pay freeze. It’s not a hard freeze. It’s just a pay freeze; they still get steps and stipends,” the superintendent explained. “That’s their give. And then there was a whole host of things that the district provided them that we felt were fair and made them feel equally valued to teachers, administrators and other groups.”

This makes three out of four unions that have agreed to pay freezes. Negotiations continue with the teachers’ union.

The superintendent said he hopes to have agreements ratified with all four bargaining units by July 1.

“That’s something that’s never been done in this district, ever,” he pointed out. “It’s not unusual for units to go one or two years without a contract. So for three of four bargaining units to settle one-year extensions, all with pay freezes, says a lot for our workers, it says a lot for our people. It says a lot for our board, too.”

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  1. OK OCTA, time for you to take a pay freeze just like everyone else. We lost our sports, arts, and God knows what else is on the chopping block. You’re long overdue. And spare me the “we have to have a master’s degree/we deserve it/the nuke industry makes millions” BS.

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