Oswego School Board Receives 2017-18 Budget Update

OSWEGO, NY – Currently, the Oswego City School District’s tentative 2017-18 budget is $61,516,384. That is a five percent increase over the current school year’s spending plan.

At Tuesday night’s board of education meeting, Superintendent Dr. Dean Goewey shared some details explaining the program budget segment of the overall spending plan to this point.

It’s broken up into four parts –Instructional Program, Athletics, Transportation and Benefit, he said.

There is an increase of $982,576 in salaries (Instructional) proposed for the coming school year. That is due to a few positions being added as well as funds for collective bargaining, the superintendent explained.

“The increase is four percent. That does not suggest that we anticipate collective bargaining increases of four percent,” he said. “It is there because of the additional positions; so the overall anticipated increase in the budget, which is an estimate, is four percent.”

The BOCES budget line increased 49 percent. Some of that is administrative fees and also the district had added some instructional programs, Dr. Goewey said.

The positions the district is proposing to add are:

•    Two elementary teacher positions
•    One OHS English teacher
•    Five part-time office clerks
•    Continued funding of two 8:1:1 classrooms at Riley
•    Two special education teachers
•    Two teaching assistants

“This feedback comes from not only crunching the data but also comes from feedback from all seven schools,” Dr. Goewey said.

They are all positions that are needed, he added.

Some other increases to the Instructional budget line include an alternative ed secondary program, an alternative ed elementary program, a new distance learning program and special education programming.

In the Athletic budget, salaries increased 57 percent. Contractual rose 29 percent. Supplies jumped 13 percent. Equipment remained set (at $12,200).

Salaries crept up two percent in Transportation. However, equipment shot up 93 percent, due in part to the need for an updated communications system.

The district also wants to replace five vehicles in its bus fleet that were purchased in 2009.

Programs the district has initiated this year have lowered the Benefits budget proposal for 2017-18.

The Employee Retirement System dropped one percent; Teacher Retirement System is down 14 percent; Health/Dental is down 3 percent and ‘other’ nudged up two percent.

‘Other’ includes things like Social Security/Medicare, workers’ comp and long-term disability, the superintendent explained.

There are several issues that will affect the budget, Dr. Goewey noted.

Collective bargaining agreements for a staff are coming up. The increase for outside contracts and for the BOCES administrative budget will impact the district’s financial plans, he said.

It isn’t known yet just how much state aid will be coming Oswego’s way.

The superintendent said he’s confident about the sale of the Education Center, which could occur very soon, he added.

The school board has committed to applying $1.1 million from the 2015-16 budget surplus to the 2017-18 budget. And, they will reapply $2.9 million of Unused Reserved Funds from the 2015-16 budget to the 2017-18 budget.

There will be a budget review at the next school board meeting on March 21.


  1. So there was 4 million dollars available from 15-16 budget in reserve and surplus. Last year voters were told district was 4 million short. Did they forget they had the 4 million from 15 -16? Last year voters were told the sky was falling. Panic. Chaos ensued. The 4 million helps this year, but could last year have been avoided? Several positions cut last year are coming back. Coaching salaries increase of over 50%. Is that right

  2. Please don’t get in an uproar over coaching salaries. Someone is playing loose with the numbers. There is no way coaching salaries went up 57%. I would like to know what contractual went up 29%, that seems like a strange number due to the fact that the negotiated agreements did not come any where near 29% . (I am not a coach nor an employee of the district but these numbers do not appear accurate)

  3. What Dave is referring to is the part in the story that says: “In the Athletic budget, salaries increased 57 percent.” It’s a cause of concern and I thought the same thing. It’s either a typo in the story (Doubtful) or a bargaining chip for the District. (I.E.: Quote High and settle low) so the tax payer believes they got a bargain.

  4. Tell us the tax payers in oswego how many illegals are in our schools system. i try calling the superintendent of schools in oswego, but they told me it was not of my business, well let me tell you as a tax payer it sure the hell is my business, i want to know where our school tax money is going, i do belive we need change at the top.

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