Oswego School District Approves Lease Deal to Site Big Picture School

OSWEGO, NY – Tuesday night, after executive session the Oswego Board of Education acted upon a resolution after reconvening for public session.

They approved a lease agreement for property, owned by John Dunsmoor, to be used for the Big Picture School.

The resolution was  approved 5-0 by the board. The motion was made by Thomas DeCastro and seconded by Kathleen Allen.

“Mr. Dunsmoor (school board president) wasn’t present during the disucssion of the conditional agreement during exectutive session or at the time of the vote,” according to Bill Foley, district clerk.

The conditional lease is pending the outcome of the yet to be scheduled hearing before the Supreme Court of New York State.

According to the resoultion:

WHEREAS, the Oswego City School District (hereinafter the “District”) seeks to lease premises located at 80 Dutch Road, Town of Scriba, County of Oswego from Northeast Sports Source, Inc.; and

WHEREAS, the District seeks to utilize the premises for additional space to accommodate its educational programs, specifically for the purpose of housing its alternative high school program known as the “Big Picture School”; and

WHEREAS, the District has received and considered the Disclosure of Interest Statement by Board President John Dunsmoor which shall be included in the official minutes of the Board of Education; and

WHEREAS, the Board of Education has received and reviewed the Short Environmental Assessment Form to assess the environmental impact of the action; and

WHEREAS, the Board of Education has received and reviewed the proposed lease agreement for the premises.

NOW, THEREFORE, be it resolved by the Board of Education of the Oswego City School District as follows:

Section 1. The Board of Education determines that the lease of premises located at 80 Dutch Road is an Unlisted Action under the regulations of the State Environmental Quality Review Act and designates itself as Lead Agency.

Section 2. Upon review of all information required to make a determination, the Board of Education determines the lease of the premises for the purpose of housing educational programs of the District will not result in any large or important environmental impacts, and therefore, it is one which will not have a significant impact on the environment and a Negative Declaration will be prepared and filed with the District Clerk.

Section 3. The lease of the premises to the District under the terms and conditions set forth therein is hereby approved subject to approval of the Commissioner of Education as well as the approval required by General Municipal Law §802(1)(d).


  1. It does stink — that and nowhere do I see a time of lease — so we the people will be paying for the vacant lot for how long??????????????????? Also no amounts mentioned — arnt we important enough to be told! — STINKS is right

  2. This school district cant afford and needs to be cuting back.congratulations to Mr Dunsmoor on a nice sale on tax payers money.Just rember tax payers some one has to pay for all this spending

  3. Is there anyone out there who is actually professional and capable of sitting on this school board? What a bunch of clowns. If this isn’t a BIG conflict of interest, I don’t know what else is. He just happens to own the property where they want to put the school? If he REALLY cared about the school district, he’d DONATE it. Second, it’s a very bad reflection of Oswego if it needs an alternative school. And whatever happened to selling the administration building? That was a BIG priority a few years ago, wasn’t it? And now they are on to something else just as financially draining…a BIG picture school? Why can’t they put the BIG picture school inside of the BIG administration building?

  4. There are dozens of vacant buildings in Oswego, and Dunsmoor just happens to have the only suitable vacant building? You can’t tell me this wasn’t an original intention of his when he decided to sit on the school board, and the other members just go along with it cause they are taking care of each other’s personal agendas. Come on, this stinks”big” time.
    And why don’t they list HOW MUCH the lease is for? Too “big”, I’m sure. They don’t want anyone to know HOW MUCH IT WILL COST to house a bunch of kids they couldn’t educate in their regular dysfunctional schools.

  5. SchoolDigger.com ranks OCSD as 610th of 697 New York districts. Can anyone spell “dysfunctional”? Remember those high paying Novelis jobs from it’s mulit-million dollar expansion? Kiss them goodbye because they are not settling in Oswego, they are commuting from Baldwinsville, Fayetteville and Manlius. Why? Because OCSD is listed as 610th of 697 school districts and no one wants to move here!
    And has anyone ever realized that the board vote on things, but then nothing is carried through? … i.e. redistricting, moving 6th grades to middle school, selling the admin building, etc. So the big picture school idea is just going to be a money maker for one of the board member because it won’t see fruition, and he’ll just be laughing all the way to the bank, riding the taxpayer’s back.

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