Oswego School District Budget Taking Shape

OSWEGO, NY – Currently, the preliminary 2017-18 Oswego school budget tentatively stands at $82,070,078.

Superintendent Dr. Dean Goewey emphasized at Tuesday’s school board meeting that this “is a work in progress” and the numbers could change in a couple of weeks, he added.

For example, the district is expecting additional state aid, he noted.

Dr. Goewey is projecting district expenditures to also come in at $82,072,078.

The district is in a good place right now, the superintendent said, pointing out the proposed budget is less than the 2016-17 budget of $82.8 million.

“We’re trying to rebuild some things that were reduced last year,” he said.

The positions the district is proposing to add are:

•    Two elementary teacher positions
•    One OHS English teacher
•    Five part-time elementary main office clerks
•    Continued funding of two 8:1:1 classrooms at Riley
•    Two special education teachers
•    Two teaching assistants

While the district is proposing to restore some sports, such as varsity football, football varsity cheerleaders, varsity girls’ hockey and others, the superintendent pointed out several others aren’t in line to be restored, as of now.

Other programs and position yet to be restored include elementary intramurals, team leaders, high school and middle school clubs as well as field trips.

The district is looking at health care proposals as a money-saving option. They are also anticipating a boost from the legislative state aid runs.

Collective bargaining looms on the horizon.

There is still some time left; and a lot of work to do, the superintendent said.

A budget review meeting is scheduled for April 4.


  1. Adding positions back?! Let me ask this, is there more or fewer students who are going to be enrolled in the district next year? Don’t try to raise my taxes up if there’s going to be less! We’ve got enough to perpetually deal with trying to pay the outrageousness that’s the water/sewer bill around here! Trust me, the economy isn’t on a comeback enough to gouge more from Joe Taxpayer!!!! I’ll be voting a big fat “NO!” if there’s any increases in the tax rate albeit on a “lesser” budget proposal which is based on a over-inflated budget to begin with!

  2. Raiding the reserve by $4 million, how irresponsible.
    What are you going to do next year.
    Keep kicking the can instead of making real cuts to save this community.

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