Oswego School District Eyes County-Wide Programs

OSWEGO, NY – Superintendent Ben Halsey updated the board of education Tuesday night regarding three county-wide programs.

The Oswego superintendent is part of a sub-committee developing programs with CiTi to better enhance and collaboratively serve the different student populations in the districts in the county.

There were three programs in particular the group was focusing on.

One is a credit recovery alternative setting program designed for those students that don’t have a behavioral issue or a learning disability, he said.

The program is for those students who have a disenchantment with the traditional school atmosphere.

The concept is similar to the former Buc School in the Oswego district.

“Our district was unable to sustain that program. We need to do something county-wide. It will be more fiscally responsible and sustainable,” Halsey said.

Another program is for the more of a volatile student, where the behavior was an issue for them. It is a secondary behavioral intervention program.

“Those two programs have been supported by the districts in the county and they will be facilitated,” the superintendent told the board.

The credit recovery program is going to be housed at the SUNY college campus in one of their facilities.

“We’ll have full use of the campus and their resources as part of the program. It’s a collaborative effort,” Halsey said. “There’s going to be a mentoring experiences set up for these young teenagers. College students from varying degrees of study come and be a part of these students’ lives, be a positive role model. It also a good field experience for those college students who are in the education field.”

“Districts have bought into the program. So there are slots that we, as a district, have also built into our BOCES budget. We will be sending students to that program,” he continued.

The secondary behavioral program has also been supported by the districts and will be run in the county.

Right now, CiTi is currently looking for locations in order to offer this program.

“They are looking for a place that best fits the geographic needs of all the districts in Oswego County so that students can be bussed there in a reasonable timeframe,” Halsey said. “The program is going to run. But, its exact location has not yet been determined.”

The third program, that Halsey was hopeful to implement, an elementary behavioral intervention program, simply didn’t have enough buy-in as far as districts buying slots in order to run it, he said.

“We have spent a lot of time talking about it here in Oswego. It was one of the issues that caused us to generate the transitional classroom earlier this school year,” he told the board. “That program simply did not get enough support from the districts in the county. The geography of our county, the distance for elementary students to travel to get to a certain location was one of the roadblocks for that program. So, that program will not be running.”

However, Oswego will continue to run its traditional transitional classroom, he pointed out.

Halsey said they will use some of the resources that the district would have allocated through its BOCES budget to further enhance that program so that they can serve those students “in the best possible way.”

“We’ll continue to develop that program until something more collaborative can be developed with our neighboring school districts,” he added.

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  1. OMG!
    We have schools…..students should go to them. We do not need to create more schools for kids that can’t follow the rules…..who pays for this? Sounds expensive to duplicate in place schools……I pay too much in taxes already. This is getting out of hand. Some kids are just stupid. Put the money into the smart kids.

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