Oswego School District Reassigns Two Principals

OSWEGO, NY – The Oswego City School District shuffled some administrators at Tuesday’s meeting

Dean Goewey, the former Riley Elementary principal, settled his sexual harassment case with the school district late last month. As part of the settlement, the district was to appoint him to a principal position.

Dr. Randy Richards was named principal at Riley last year.

Goewey was appointed principal of Minetto Elementary, according to Bill Crist, the district’s personal manager (and currently acting superintendent).

That left Roseann Bayne’s future with the district up in the air.

Bayne, the former Williamstown principal, had been hired in June as principal of Minetto Elementary.

At its meeting Tuesday night, the board of education appointed Bayne as the assistant principal for OMS.

Her starting salary will be $80,628.

In other recent principal moves, Bonnie Finnerty was appointed principal at OMS to fill the vacancy left by the departure of Connie Evelyn.

And, OMS assistant principal Tim Moon stepped down to take another position within the district.

The district had planned to leave Moon’s former position vacant, as a cost-saving measure.

Also Tuesday night, the board approved extending Crist’s appointment as acting superintendent through Sept. 2, the date of the board’s next meeting.

The board also voted to retain the services of an outside firm to assist with the search for a new superintendent of schools.

Crist has been filling in since David Fischer stepped down at the end of June to take a superintendent’s position out of state.

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  1. oh great spending more taxpayer money on an “outside firm.” Why can’t they just keep Crist he seems good enough. Also I feel they did the right thing with Ms. Bayne since she already left a job to come here but they should not have been so hire-happy in the first place when Fischer was still here. Anyone with common sense could forsee the outcome not only of the May elections but also the outcome of the Goewey case so they should have planned for the fact that Goewey would need to come back. [Personal attack removed here.] Now we have to pay $80+K more to fill a position that was not budgeted. Hey why don’t they add House 4, House 5 and House 6 to the high school a nd hire 3 more principals there? I don’t think the current 4 principals are enough. Gotta love that all of this comes after the taxpayers vote no on two separate occasions both times by a 60-40 margin and not only that but even though we refused high taxes, they gave us a humongous tax increase anyway. These school board [members] need to learn when enough is enough. Dave White is already cozyign up to the administration. I have to admit I voted him in May but I regret that decision very much.

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