Oswego School Superintedency Recruitment Continues

OSWEGO, NY – The Oswego City School District is in the midst of a search for its next Superintendent of Schools.

Recruitment for the position has been under way for quite some time and applications for the position will be accepted through August 30.

Following this application period the recruitment timeline allows for ample time to coordinate interviews and select a candidate to assume responsibilities in January 2014.

Coordinating the search on behalf of the district is Oswego County BOCES District Superintendent Christopher Todd.

Todd indicated that he is very optimistic with the initial response for the position saying, “We still have a few days remaining and I believe we will have a good pool of candidates.”

Todd went on to state that the number of professionals willing to pursue the superintendency has diminished over the past several years.

“The average length of stay for a superintendent is right around three years and with the increasing demands of the position, it has become unattractive to some potential leaders,” he said.

Todd also said, “A superintendent’s position is a lifestyle not a job. Being a member of the community and being a high-profile public servant means just going to the grocery store is being at work. Those who choose the profession will say it is the most rewarding position they have held. They will also say it is also the position with the most responsibility. The influence over the education of our children is really about defining our future as families and communities.”

Through the superintendency search process the Oswego City School District Board of Education hopes to find a candidate that will be able to navigate the ever-changing waters that are the New York State Common Core curriculum and the assessments that accompany them as well as support engaging, safe and motivating learning environments that promote each student’s intellectual, social and psychological growth.

For more information about the superintendent of schools recruitment process for the Oswego City School District, call 315-963-4222.