Oswego Schools Add myLunchMoney.com

Submitted Article

OSWEGO, NY – The Oswego City School District is attempting to provide a new avenue to assist in making certain that students regularly receive a healthy and nutritious meal.

The School Lunch Department has partnered with myLunchMoney.com to provide a service that will assist in pre-payment for breakfast and lunch as well as allow parents to see what their child is eating.

Food Service Director Dennis Jerome said, “This pre-payment plan is recommended and each student will have their own account. This will decrease the wait in the cafeteria line and allow for more time to eat.”

Pre-payment has been done in the past with students paying cash or with a check made out to the “Oswego City School District-Lunch Fund.”

Students have been able to purchase credits for breakfast and lunch or put money into an open account.

The open account can be used for meals, extra entrees, milk and snacks.

However, a new option has been added.

Jerome noted, “Parents can now pre-pay with a credit or debit card. Simply go to www.myLunchMoney.com or to the district web site link and enroll. Parents will also be able to print out a form from that site and submit a personal check to their child’s school food service person.”

The new service is a proven product.

For more than 20 years, School-Link Technologies has been committed to developing products and services that help school operations run more efficiently and provide a convenience to parents who use the service.

The goal of this endeavor is to make life easier for parents who don’t want to worry about breakfast and lunch money for their children.

One of the more unique benefits of this program is the ability for parents to view a “meal history.” This option allows parents to monitor student purchases and eliminates the need to request this information form the school.

Parents will also be able to set their accounts to be used for “meals only” or to include snacks and al a carte items.

There is also the ability to set up a “Smart Pay” process. This feature allows parents the convenience of knowing that their children will always have money in their account. There will no longer be low balances as money will be added to your student’s account after it reaches a certain point.

Information of this new program was sent home with the Oswego High School five week reports. It will be distributed to middle school and elementary parents shortly as students will be bringing home information.

Anyone seeking further information can contact Jerome at 341-2022.