Oswego, Scriba Working On New Sewer Pact

OSWEGO – At this week’s Administrative Services Committee meeting, Tom Reynolds, Assistant City Attorney, requested authorization for Mayor Billy Barlow to sign the proposed agreement between the city of Oswego and the town of Scriba, regarding the Bulk Sewer Treatment Agreement.

The current pact expired on Dec. 31, 2014, the attorney said.

They have been negotiating the terms of a new agreement and have agreed to enter into a one-year deal at this time in order to have at least a temporary contract in place while a long-term agreement is hammered out.

The town would pay the city (in quarterly installments) $425,000 in 2019.

The city will make available up to a maximum of 175,00 gallons per day of sewage capacity at the eastside Wastewater Treatment Plant for the town.

The new deal is being worked out as Oswego County Opportunities is building Champlain Commons, located on the western edge of Scriba on City Line Road. It will include 17 apartments and is seeking to tie into the city’s sewer system.

It is projected that tenants could be moving by early summer 2019.

The committee sent the request to the full council for consideration.

Among the other requests to receive a favorable recommendation were:

Deborah Coad, City Chamberlain, requested approval for a budget amendment ($99,900) to the Water Treatment Plant Budget at the request of Ken Scherrieble of the Camden Group. The funds will cover the cost of recent repairs and supplies.

She also requested authorization for Year End Accounting Procedures to close the 2018 Fiscal Year.

And the chamberlain requested authorization to seek a Bond Anticipation Note for the purchase of a Mid Mount Aerial Apparatus and related equipment for the Fire Department; not to exceed $1,200,000. The vehicle will be purchased through a piggy-back bid with the village of Canastota and has been approved through the procurement process with Onondaga County.

The Common Council approved Resolution No. 223 in 2017, East Side WWTP Asset Management Improvement Project, Type II Action – New York State SEQR.

The Engineering Department now requests that the Common Council include additional project sites as Type II Actions under the New York State SEQR for the project.

The city needs to include the westside Wastewater Treatment Plant, Cayuga Street pump station, Overflow Excess Flow Management Facility and the Riverwalk Flow Management Facility under the declaration.

The additional sites will require a SEQUR type determination.

They requested the chamberlain advance $5,585,000 for the project with the intent to reimburse from bonds, grants or bond anticipation notes.

Kevin Caraccioli, City Attorney, asked for favorable consideration by the Common Council to enter into a one-year lease agreement with St. Joseph’s Church for use of the church-owned parking lot located at 174-176 W. First St.

In the event the church is designated as the city’s sole Catholic Church, the parking lot would be needed for parishioners. The city would have to find additional parking for the city’s police force vehicles.