Oswego Sea Scouts Head To Buffalo

Oswego Naval Sea Scout Ship 229 Division will travel to Buffalo NY on April, 2 & 3 2011 to the Buffalo and Eire Naval Military Park. There the Cadets will live the life of a Navy Sailor for the weekend onboard the U.S.S. Little Rock and the U.S.S The Sullivan’s. There they will have the chance to try out the Flight simulator and explore many of the WWll artifacts on display for the public to see, i.e. Tanks, Airplanes and many static displays.

The unit is under the Command of Skipper Patricia Whaley and First Mate Daniel Whaley and they have found in the past that the trip is very educational and enjoyable for the Cadets. This will be the first time the Oswego Naval Sea Scouts have been exposed to a real Naval Ship and for a few of the Cadets it will mark the very beginning of boarding many Naval Ship for their future.

They will return home with many great memories, stories and photos to share with family and friends. They will be meeting up at the McCrobie 41 Lake St. on Saturday April 2, 2011 at 010:00 and any one that would like to stop and see them off and wish them a safe and enjoyable trip is welcome to do so. Please stop by and support the Oswego Naval Sea Scout Ship 229 Division.

U.S.S. The Sullivan’s was launched in San Francisco on 4 April 1943. The ship’s namesake, the five Sullivan brothers, enlisted in the Navy and served together on board the light cruiser USS Juneau. On Nov.13, 1942, while fighting off Guadalcanal, the five brothers died along with 700 other sailors when the USS Juneau was sunk by a Japanese submarine. President Roosevelt directed that one of the new Fletcher class destroyers then under construction be named after the five brothers. She was sponsored by their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Sullivan. She is the only Navy destroyer ever named after more than one person. The U.S.S. The Sullivan’s was designated a National Historical Landmark by the Department of the Interior in 1986.

The Oswego Naval Sea Scout Ship 229 Division will be holding a open House and New Recruit sign up date of April 30, 2011. Location will be at the McCrobie Bldg 41 Lake St.and the event will start at 010:00. Food and drinks will be made available. Anyone young male or females that have an interest in the Navy, Coast Guard or Marines are welcomed to attend and learn more about our Naval program. Oswego Naval Sea Scout Ship 229 Division is a coed unit and Recruits ages start at 14 up to 21. Our unit motto says it all “LET YOUR JOURNEY BEGIN. We guarantee that you will feel good about what you did on our Drill weekend and you will go back to school and tell all of your friends that you just had one of the best weekends of you life!!

To learn more on how to join please contact LT.Fred Crisafulli at 315-342-7245 Fred will assist you in any manner to get things started so your youngster can join Today!! www.seascoutship229.com See our Naval Sea Scout Divison in Action.