Oswego set to participate in UD’s study abroad program

NEWARK, DEL. – This winter, Thomas Handley from Oswego, will study abroad in Tanzania through the University of Delaware.

UD’s nationally recognized study abroad program offers students from every academic discipline an opportunity to engage in discovery learning, experience different cultures and develop relationships with fellow Blue Hens.

During this Winter Session, more than 1,000 University of Delaware students will travel to 24 different countries as part of 50 different programs spanning 39 academic subjects.

They will pursue up to seven academic credits during five weeks of study.

UD is a national leader in study abroad programs.

Approximately 35 percent of undergraduate students study outside of the U.S. on an annual basis.

Winter session is the most popular time for UD students to do so, with about 80 percent of all study abroad activity taking place during this period.

The 90th anniversary of the University’s study abroad program, considered the first in America when eight students set sail to France in 1923, was marked this year.

Since the initial program, UD has continued to expand study abroad opportunities and has sent programs to every continent.