Oswego Speedway To Support ARISE Ramp Program

Oswego, NY – People coming to share in the thrill of the races can help support their neighbors on Saturday.

The Oswego Speedway is once again hosting representatives of ARISE and allowing them to accept donations for the Oswego County Ramp Program.

ARISE will also be promoting the June 8 ARISE and Ride for Ramps event at Fort Ontario.

For people who suddenly develop mobility impairments, their home can quickly change from being a source of comfort to feeling like a prison.

And, for those currently living in a nursing facility, a ramp can be the missing link that allows them to return home.

“Without easy and safe access into their house, many people are unable to be safely discharged from nursing facilities. The accessible ramps we provide not only mean that people are able to come home, it also restores their sense of independence and reunites them with their families,” said Kristin Rabideau, ARISE Housing Advocate/Ramp coordinator.

The ARISE Ramp Program in Oswego County is the only one that helps families who cannot afford to pay for a ramp.

There is already a waiting list for this building season and more applications come in every day.

Support for the ARISE Oswego County Ramp Program is provided solely through donations from individuals and local businesses.

The ramps are built by volunteers so the funds raised pay for materials.

Driver Brian Sweeney has the ARISE and Ride for Ramps event logo on his car this season, and is encouraging race fans to come out and support their neighbors.

Last year, ARISE built a ramp for a man who was living in a nursing facility but wanted to come home.

Necessary amputation resulted in his having to use a wheelchair.

The front steps of his house became a huge barrier that prevented him from being discharged.

With a team of volunteers, ARISE was able to provide a ramp for him just in time for Easter. He was able to celebrate the holiday with his wife and family, in the comfort of his own home.

ARISE and Ride for Ramps, the annual fundraising and community event, will take place on June 8 at Fort Ontario to raise money for the program. In addition to the 5K run and motorcycle ride, there will also be a chicken BBQ, Rudy’s Lakeside, kids’ bike ride around the fort, music, food, and fun family activities.

All proceeds from the event will be used to purchase construction materials to help Oswego County families regain access to their home.

To register or learn more about the program or event, visit http://rideforramps.org

ARISE and Ride for Ramps is supported by Empower Federal Credit Union, Relph Benefit Advisors, Haylor, Freyer & Coon, Shineman Foundation, and Fulton Savings Bank.

Additional support is provided by the Friends of Fort Ontario, Murdock’s Bicycles & Sports, NewsChannel 9, Oswego Speedway, Precision Sign and Graphics, Rudy’s Lakeside, Woodchuck Saloon and Zink Shirts.

The 5K Run is a partnership between ARISE and the Oswego YMCA.

ARISE is a non-profit Independent Living Center run by and for people with disabilities. The organization has been providing advocacy and services since 1979, and each year ARISE works with approximately 4,000 people of all ages who have all types of disabilities. ARISE has offices in Onondaga, Oswego, and Madison counties and operates ARISE at the Farm, a 77-acre recreational facility in Chittenango and ARISE and Ski at Toggenburg Winter Sports Center in Fabius.