Oswego Students’ Award-Winning Art On Display

OSWEGO, NY – Award-winning student art work will be on display at the annual Oswego City School District Art Show.

This year’s event will be held at the Oswego Art Guild Center on the Fort Ontario grounds.

The opening reception is scheduled for May 6 from 6-8 p.m. at the gallery.

The remainder of the weekend the exhibit will be open from 1-5 on Saturday and Sunday, May 7-8.

As always there will be a wide variety of student art work and this year’s exhibition will include painting, sketches, graphic arts, sculpture, photography and jewelry.

Art team leader Linda Shannon said, “We have outstanding student artists in our schools and this is a perfect way to share their work with the community. The pieces on display are simply outstanding and cover a wide range of ages.”

Continuing she said, “The reception is something very special for our students and we hope the parents, art lovers and fellow students will attend. On Saturday and Sunday we will have the exhibit open, but there will also be ‘make and take’ programs as we do something special which students join in and take home their creations.”

Shannon is excited in that many of the Oswego School District pieces that were recognized in the 2011 Oswego County Student Art Competition and were on display throughout April at the Salmon River Fine Arts Center will also be on display in the district art show.

She said, “Many of our students had work on display at the Salmon River Fine Arts Center through April 28 and we are looking forward to seeing their work at the Art Guild gallery.”

Cassidy Barney received first place at Salmon River with the drawing “Self-Relization.”

Megan Mahaney earned an honorable mention for “How’d you like those apples.”

In the photography division Jenna Hotchkiss’ “Carl” received an honorable mention.

Other students whose work will also be on display from the county competition include Nikole Bonacorsi (digital painting), Chrissy Abare, Haley Annal, Rebecca Chatterton and Kayla Volkomer (drawing), Jenna Hotchkiss,  Taylor Braun and Bonacorsi (computer art), Paige Hart (design), Megan Mahaney (painting), Erin McIntosh (photography), Lexie DeSacia and Kat Robinson (graphic design), Reilly Patrick, Alex Monahan and Kara Weiss (ceramic), Naomi Greco (mixed media), Allison Smith, Michaela Moran and Patrick Reilly (Sculpture) as well as Andrea Folgherait (clay tiles) and Leonardo DaSilva (stained glass) and Sarah Bivens (necklace) and Sarah Mancuso (bracelet and rings).