Oswego Students In Focus For Summer School

OSWEGO, NY – Oswego High School has been quite busy this summer as students are focused on preparing for the future.

Summer School Administrator Catherine Celeste said, “There is enthusiasm and kids are showing up every day. It has been fun and interesting for the students. I have to credit their teachers in making it fun and thus the kids want to come back.”

There are succinctly different programs during summer school.

MaryKate Mooney, a SUNY Binghamton math major and OHS graduate, has volunteered this summer to assist in the summer school program. Joe Pitcher, Hunter Hartsell and Austin Batchelor enjoyed working with Mooney.
MaryKate Mooney, a SUNY Binghamton math major and OHS graduate, has volunteered this summer to assist in the summer school program. Joe Pitcher, Hunter Hartsell and Austin Batchelor enjoyed working with Mooney.

Several students are involved in the regular high school summer school program.

Courses such as English 9 and 10, American Literature, English 12, Fundamentals of Algebra, Integrated Algebra, Geometry, Living Environment, Global Studies, History and Government and Physical Education are being offered. However there are also numerous programs relating to the Plato programs.

Celeste noted, “Many students are close to graduating as some needed just one or two courses to complete their graduation requirements. They are absolutely striving to complete those required courses.”

There are also other programs being offered.

Celeste explained, “We have 33 students in our eighth and ninth grade program. There are two seventh grade entering eighth grade programs and one for students moving from the elementary school to seventh grade.”

Each of the groups includes English, math, science and a special education teacher to assist.

Co-teaching has worked quite well.

Celeste explained about the eighth-to-ninth grade program as she said, “We don’t want any of these kids to get lost in the crowd at the high school. We are working with them on the skills to get them up to par so they will be successful in ninth grade.”

Celeste noted, “This year we have had a ‘Wall of Honor’ for those summer school students who have worked so hard to reach their goals.”

Included on the “OHS Wall of Honor” are Sierra Adams, Harley Alton, Richard Alvarado, Brian Anderson, Alexander Arcadi-Lombardo, Teaghan Aston, Stephen Bailey Jr., Michael Barry, Tonya Baum, Michelle Benway, Lawrence Bivens, Benjamin Bradford, Douglas Bradford, Mathew Bunce, Tyler Burnswick, Miranda Carson, Dalton Carvey, Desiree Chatraw, Teresa Chatterson, Dylon Clew-Thomas, Eston Collins, Taylor Cowles, Jacokoby Crouch, Jasmin Cruz, Yvonne DeGroff, Christina Demmerle, Jessie Feliciano, Sarah Fox, Dana Griffin, Tayler Gustafson, Christopher Hanley, Michelle Hannock, Timothy Haresign,  Katherine Hennessy, Michael Hennessy, Andrew Hibbert, Maggie Hogan-Pitsley, Judah Jones, Michael Kelly, Kyle Kunzwiler, Marikate Lamb, William Latour, Collin Lawton, Kaela Leavens, Desiree Leclair, Kaylene Lund, Brandon Martin, Trevor Martin, Alison McCreary, Jared Meade, Felicia Melendez, Rebeca Mendoza, Britney Moody, Johnathan Moore, Kim Neilly, Rachel Nye, Jacob Orta, Sawyer Ortiz, Lizmarie Padua, Matthew Parkhurst, Alicia Patterson, Anthony Pecora, Joyce Pelkey, Heather Piazza, Maryah Roberts, Erwin Robles, Alexis Rodriguez, Amanda Ruttan, Mohamed Salem, Christopher Scharf, James Schneider, Shelby Schulze, Matthew Shaw, Michelle Smith, Victoria Soper, Angela Thomas, Darrick Thomas, Amber Thompson, Caleigh Thompson, Casey Tobin, Mary Torbitt, Bradley Van Horn, Adam VanPatten, Michael Vera, Jessica Wallace, Samantha Weber, Katlynn Wetzel, Alexandra White, David Williams, Amber Wilmott, Ashley Wise, Warren Wise and Gabriel Woods.

Included on the “OMS Wall of Honor” are Tiffnie Breezee, Amber Bristol, Anne Burkett, Cassidy Carpenter, Nick Cornelius, Shannon Darrah, Cheyenne Diaz, Eric Doviak, Ryan Gunther, Jeremy Hankey, Mylek Hoyt, Jessica Johnston, Nathan Kessler, Brittany Ketcham, Joe Pitcher, McKenzie Ray, Ashley Richmond, Shyann Roberts, Anna  Rosario, Matt Samson, Maria Santizo, Brianna Savage, Colt Simmons, Amelia Stevens, Jessie Thomas Jr., Jasmine Thomas, Dakota Trumble, David Wallace, Shyann Waugh and Bradley Wyman.

The students have been working diligently and are focused on getting a good start to the new school year.