Oswego Students, Staff Drawn To Blood Drive

OSWEGO, NY – The need for donated blood continues to be quite high.

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Student Phi Le donates blood.

In response to the need for the life saving fluid Oswego School District Nurse Team Leader Christina Chamberlain organized not only a blood drive for students, but also another for employees.

The event was quite a success.

Christopher Hoffman of the American Red Cross Blood Services noted, “We would like to thank the district for hosting and promoting blood drives on Oct. 8 and 9. We are still in need of all blood types to help maintain the optimal five to seven day supply and because red blood cells only have a shelf life of 42 days, we must continuously replenish the supply. Every pint and every donor helps and are greatly appreciated.”

Oswego High School students were determined to assist.

Chamberlain noted, “We had 43 first-time donors and at the end of the day the drive resulted in 49 whole blood pints and one double cell procedure resulting in 51 productive pints of blood.”

Among the faculty there were 18 first-time donors and the result was 27 whole blood pints and six double cell procedures resulting in 12 pints for a total of 39 productive pints.

Chamberlain said, “This is a tremendous undertaking that would not be possible without the behind the scenes support folks throughout the district this would not be possible. I am proud of our students and staff and the donation of life which will help many, many people in need.”

Superintendent of Schools Bill Crist was one of the many donors.

Jim Jackson of the Oswego City School District donates blood.
Jim Jackson of the Oswego City School District donates blood.

He said, “It is great to see everyone come together for a common cause. There is a tremendous need for blood and I am glad that the Oswego City School District can contribute to the well-being of those in need.”

Many might wonder where the blood went after it left Oswego High School.

Hoffman explained that the blood was transported to West Henrietta on Thursday and Friday nights. The test tubes were transported via air to an American Red Cross testing laboratory in suburban Chicago.

While the blood was in West Henrietta, the whole blood is separated into red blood cells (surgeries), platelets (cancer patients) and plasma (burns and accident victims) so each can help one to two patients.

Hoffman explained, “The student drive helped up to 149 hospital patients and the faculty drive helped up to 93 hospital patients.”

When the testing is completed, which usually takes around three days, the blood is released to the 101 hospitals in the region.

Hoffman said, “It is now a matter of fact that someone will receive the blood that students, faculty and staff of the Oswego High School and the Oswego City School District so graciously donated.”