Oswego Sunrise Rotary Learns About Effects Of Smoking

OSWEGO, NY – Oswego County Rural Health Network coordinator Danielle Wert spoke to the Oswego Sunrise Rotary about her grant to help young (15-24) women stop smoking.

Rotarian George A. Reed and speaker Danielle Wert.
Rotarian George A. Reed and speaker Danielle Wert.

At Thursday morning’s meeting, she reported that young people do not worry about health effects of smoking enough to quit.

Studies indicated that young women are more likely to quit smoking if they see the long-term effect of tobacco on their appearance.

Using age enhancing software, Danielle has been able to use a photo of a young person to show how they will age when the use tobacco, become obese, or use drugs.

Danielle has demonstrated the computer program in various locations.

She is a graduate of APW High School and LeMoyne College and works for Oswego County Opportunities.