Oswego Sunrise Rotary Learns About Safe Water Projects

OSWEGO, NY – On Thursday, July 23, assistant governor Joette Deane presented a program on Clean Water.

On a wet Thursday morning, Joette told the members of the Sunrise Rotary of the vast number of people who do not have clean safe abundant water.

President-elect Carol Reed, left, thanks Joette Deane.
President-elect Carol Reed, left, thanks Joette Deane.

Less than 3 percent of the water found on earth is fresh.

Most of the fresh water is trapped in glaciers or underground.

Women as young as 13 travel miles to gather from a dirty polluted river.

In our water rich community it is easy to take safe water for granted.

This is not the case in most parts of the world.

Rotary District 7150 is raising the awareness of water issues and initiating projects for safe water around the world.

Some of the projects include digging community wells and providing low-tech water filtering systems for the home.