Oswego Superintendent, Board To Discuss Budget At Next Meeting

OSWEGO, NY – Going forward with the budget process, Oswego School Superintendent Ben Halsey said he will be having some individual meetings with people he refers to as “budget builders.”

He will work with the district’s business manager as well to get some numbers in place so that he can share that information with the school board, he added.

“I’d like to build in some time to our next (board) meeting specifically for the budget topic to be discussed publicly and brainstorm some things and show some different what ifs scenarios for you and their monetary impact,” he said.

He said he would also follow up with the intramurals and curriculum committees, getting both organized so they can start having discussions.

“Weather has been fun. I hope everyone’s been enjoying that. I know from a superintendent’s perspective, it’s been a blast,” he said jokingly, adding, “I certainly hope that it’s as extreme on the nice end later on this spring as it has been on the nasty side recently.

He applauded everyone’s ability in the district to handle the weather.

“Our buildings and grounds, making sure our sidewalks and parking lots are safe when we dismiss after it has been snowing an inch an hour,” he said. “And, certainly our bus drivers for their ability to manage the weather and get everyone home safely, it’s impressive to say the least. I’d like to publicly thank, for the safety of our students and our staff our buildings and grounds crews and drivers for managing it with the expertise that they bring to the table. ”

In other action:

“I want to thank our administrators that made it to the meeting tonight,” board member Tom DeCastro said Tuesday. “Earlier in the year I thought that we asked that all our building administrators be here for all the meetings. I’ve noticed (their attendance) is beginning to get sporadic. I would like to see all the administrators here.”

Board member John Dunsmoor suggested the district consider putting together a committee to look at the condition of the athletic fields.

One area of concern, he noted, is the Turrill Street field.