Oswego To Apply For Block Grant Funds

OSWEGO, NY – At its meeting Monday night, the Common Council approved the Community Development Block Grant Program application.

The grant, $600,000, would help the city comply with one of the compliance requirements of the consent decree.

Oswego plans to use the funding to improve its aging infrastructure, specifically its sewer system. The target areas would be on the west side of the Port City and include the city’s component of SUNY Oswego.

Councilors also approved use of public space for:

•    Doris Strobel, owner of property at 114 E. Eleventh St., in order to construct a deck, seven and one half foot by five foot and seven foot by four and one-half foot, between the sidewalk and property line fronting East Eleventh Street.

•    Timothy Ellis, owner of property at 68 E. Albany St., in order to erect a fence, one foot by eighteen foot, between the sidewalk and property line fronting East Albany Street.

•    Pamela Talamo, representative for St. Peter’s Church, in order to place two advertising signs for the upcoming annual Summerfest to be held August 16.

•    Kristen Smith of Team Red, White and Blue, in order to hold the inaugural 9/11 Remembrance Run on September 13 to commemorate 9/11 and to honor veterans, police and firefighters. She requested use of East Side Fire Department property for the start and finish of the race and a police escort and EMT standby, and permission to have water stations, staffed by their volunteers, at the Police Department, Army Reserve Training Station and West Side Fire Station.

A section of East Albany Street will soon have a new name.

Councilors OK’d renaming the portion of East Albany Street between City Line Road and Jim Shampine Drive to Nolan Swift Drive in honor of the famed local race car driver.

Rain dates (Aug. 5, 12, 19 and 26) were approved for the Summer Concert Series held at Veterans’ Memorial Park.

The council approved the bid submitted by John R. Dudley Construction for a scheduled concrete maintenance project at the High Dam Hydroelectric Facility, the bid was $23,620. Funding for this project is available in Account No. A6989.0440 (Contracted Services).

They also approved the submission of a grant to the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation for the Fitzhugh Park Playground Project.

The amount being applied for is the maximum amount of $500,000 the required match is $166,666 of which all will be accounted for with in kind services and volunteer time. There will be no cash match requested of the city of Oswego.

The SUNY Research Foundation, which administers grants for the Oswego Renaissance Association, will manage the administration of the grant and will front the initial costs, as this is a reimbursement grant.

The deadline for the grant application is July 31.

The mayor was authorized to sign:

•    All documents necessary for the acceptance of a NYSERDA grant for the Complete Streets Plan Along Route 104. The $225,000 grant will allow for the city to plan for modifications to make our “Main Street” more modern, walkable and safe for all users.

•    Amendment No. 6 with GHD Consulting Engineers, to include professional services for Area 2, Route 104, West Bridge Street and George Washington Avenue Basin project in the amount of $111,700 of the Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Project.

•    The Professional Engineering Services Agreement with GHD Consulting Engineers, in the amount of $162,800 for the Combined Sewer Separation – Second 25% (Phase 2) Project as mandated by the Consent Decree. Final engineering plans and specifications will be completed by April 1, 2017.

•    A Professional Engineering Services Agreement with GHD Consulting Engineers, in the amount of $60,200 for the Combined Sewer Separation – Second 25% (Phase 2) Project as mandated by the Consent Decree. Deliverable will be completed 180 days after city’s authorization to proceed, as further defined in Exhibit A of agreement.

The rules of the Common Council were waived to present resolutions No. 315 and 315A from the floor without committee consideration.

The first resolution, which grants exception of the Peddling and Soliciting Ordinance for “The Market” to be held on Sundays during the month of August, was approved.

The second, authorizing the Community Development Office to prepare, and the mayor to sign all documents necessary for the purpose of applying and administering the US Department of Housing and Urban D3velopment fiscal year 2015 Family Self-Sufficiency Program for the purpose of supporting self-selected families to secure employment, increase wages and accumulate assets, was also approved.

The funding application will seek funds to provide a part-time FSS coordinator with the responsibility of ensuring that the city will help at least 15 families.