Oswego To Upgrade Lighting In 3 Facilities

OSWEGO, NY – The Port City will brighten three city facilities – and save money in the process.

At Monday night’s meeting of the Administrative Services Committee, Mike Riley, purchasing agent, requested authorization for the mayor to sign the energy savings plan agreements and any other necessary documents in order to install lighting upgrades at the Conway Building, East Side Fire Station and the DPW Garage.

The funding source for the city’s share would come from the street lighting refund from National Grid, he said.

National Grid will pay up to 70 percent of the costs under its Small Business Energy Efficiency Program and offers a 15 percent discount on the remaining balance if the customer’s share in the program is paid in one installment.

The total cost to the city for the three buildings would be $28,880.99 if the projects are paid in one installment.

The estimated annual savings for the three buildings is $18,332.59.

The payback period would be approximately 1.5 years, Riley pointed out.

The city recently received a refund from National Grid ($40,337.57) on the street lighting account. The acting chamberlain has credited prior year expense for this recovery.

If the council desires to have the lighting upgrades installed, Riley said the acting chamberlain should be authorized to make a budget amendment and have the funds recovered from National Grid be made available in the current operating budget (Account A-1620.0420).

The committee sent the request to the full council for consideration.