Oswego Town, Developer At Odds Over Sleepy Hollow

By Andrew Kunkel, contributing writer

OSWEGO TOWN, NY – Twenty years ago, local businessman Jeffrey Carson bought a plot of land in Sleepy Hollow in southwest Oswego Town. He has been fighting to build on it ever since.

“Out of 20 years, I’ve only been able to build on it for 63 days total,” Carson said.

Carson purchased the plot of land in Sleepy Hollow and has been involved in numerous lawsuits with the town over development in the area.

He first brought a case against the town in 2008, claiming that the DEC mismanaged the sewer treatment plant in the area.

According to Carson, the sewage plant was built with the capacity to be used for 68 homes, but the problem was the plot of land holds 100 homes.

The case was dismissed due to the fact he did not have a building permit at the time, he said.

“The judge told me to apply for a building permit, so I did,” Carson said “But when I took my permit to the zoning board I was told that I did not fill it in correctly.”

Carson says had the permit checked by three lawyers and each said that the paperwork was filled properly.

“If I had done what the town has done with this plant, taking eight years to get it up to code and working, I’d be in jail,” said Carson.

Carson currently has a lawsuit against the town for gross negligence on the plant, for damages due to the fact he cannot use his land, and financial reimbursement for his troubles.

“I’ve invested too much time and money in Sleepy Hollow and it’s not just wasting my time, it’s wasting the taxpayers’ money,” he said.

The case is set for April 9.

“All I know is it is in the hands of attorneys. And that is all I can say because it is,” said Victoria Mullen, Oswego Town Supervisor.