Oswego Town Seeks To Alter Ambulance Pact

OSWEGO, NY – The Administrative Services Committee rejected a change to the ambulance service contract with Oswego Town on Monday night.

In a letter dated Nov. 29, Oswego Town Supervisor Vicky Mullen notified the city of Oswego that the town wants to cancels its ambulance agreement with the city.

“Please accept this letter as the Town of Oswego’s official 30-day notice that we would like to cancel the existing ambulance contract between the Town of Oswego and the City of Oswego,” the letter stated.

It continued, “We respectfully request that the City of Oswego consider the idea of a monthly contract for continued ambulance service through 2011.”

The town’s proposal would be to take the existing document and convert it to a monthly contract document with a payment of $833 per month, according to Mullen’s letter.

All the other terms of the contract document would remain the same; only the cost to the town would be slightly less over the course of a year.

Mullen said no one from the town was at the meeting Monday because they didn’t know the matter would be discussed at the committee.

“I have no interest in this whatsoever,” said Dan Donovan, chair of the Administrative Services Committee.

“Neither do I,” added committee member Mike Myers.

The committee considered taking no action on the supervisor’s letter. However, Mayor Randy Bateman suggested, “It would probably better if the committee took formal action … put it on the record that the committee voted no (on the proposed monthly contract).”

The committee voted 4-0 to reject the proposal.