Oswego Tree Stewards holding work meeting on Wednesday

OSWEGO, NY – This Wednesday at 7 p.m. the Oswego Tree Stewards will hold its meeting starting at the corner of West Mohawk and Fifth streets.

Come dressed in clothes that can get dirty and with comfortable shoes to prune city trees and dig mulch away from the tree bark.

All are invited to learn about tree maintenance.

The Tree Stewards will talk about and show girdling roots and strapping roots and why they stress the health of the trees, and why you shouldn’t put mulch against the tree bark.

The Tree Stewards will show how they trim limbs for the health of the trees, by removing rubbing branches that can cause disease and fungus in the tree, parallel branches and double leaders in the smaller trees.

They’ll also show how opening the center so birds can fly through helps the air flow and health of the tree.

If you’ve wanted to know what’s going on with our trees this is a great evening to find out from people who really care about them.

You can join them or just take the information back to your own back yard.

Bring any questions you may have about your trees.

For more information, call Phil MacArthur, 532-0909.