Oswego Volleyball Updates

Oswego Volleyball Updates from games against MPH and Bishop Ludden

Against MPH

Today was a great serving day for us, we had several girls who had a large number of aces for us in the stats tonight.

The girls stormed out quickly in each of our sets.

In set 2 MPH played some great defense against us and really forced us to have to finish the set.

Very happy to see that we have improved on our serving game.

The team minimized errors tonight and the scores of the 5 sets shows the work they have put in.

Against Bishop Ludden

For the second game in a row we really took care of our serving.

We had a lot of girls with ace or more and we played very good defense against a good serving Bishop Ludden.

Host Ludden had several girls who could serve very well and they played good defense as well.

The last 2 sets Ludden hit a stride and really forced us to play defense.

The last 2 sets were very good volleyball between both teams and was a lot of fun to watch.


Date of Contest:    12.2.16    Opponent:   MPH

Scores: Oswego: 25/26/25/25/25       MPH: 15/24/10/13/13


Campbell, Alexis – 11 aces
Giberson, Rose – dig
Murray, Julia – 2 aces
Nettles, Katelyn – 16 aces
Porter, Julia – 5 aces
Upcraft, Mallory – ace
Whelsky, Abbygail – 2 aces
Casper, Madison – 3 aces
Cloonan, Ava – ace
Guarrera, Anna – 12 aces
Hammil, McKenna – ace
Marsallo, Mia – 3 aces
McManus – Mackenzie – 3 aces

Record: Blue team 3-0


Date of Contest:    12.6.16    Opponent:   Bishop Ludden

Scores: Oswego: 25/25/25/22/25       Bishop Ludden: 14/19/18/25/23


Campbell, Alexis – ace
Murray, Julia – 2 aces
Nettles, Katelyn – 2 aces
Porter, Julia – ace
Upcraft, Mallory – 3 aces
Whelsky, Abbygail – 3 aces
Casper, Madison – 2 aces
Cloonan, Ava – ace
Guarrera, Anna – 7 aces
Hammil, McKenna – 2 aces
Marsallo, Mia – 2 aces, dig
McManus – Mackenzie – 6 aces
Moshier, Madison – dig

Record: Blue team 4-0

Submitted by: Theodore (Teddy) Beers
Physical Education Teacher
Volleyball & Lacrosse Coach
Oswego City School District