Oswego Volleyballers Split a Pair

Seventh grade girls split of pair of games.

We lost a tough match against host Mexico on Friday the 9th.

Mexico’s serving game proved to be too much for us tonight. We were forced back on our heels a lot in set 1 and then in set 2 and set 3 we started to stage a comeback but fell short.

Tonight was a great lesson for us as we have not faced an opponent who serves as well as the Mexico group does.

Monday we hosted Central Square and we were able to keep our game moving and we served very well against them.

We had a lot of good stats from the team overall and we did a very good job of keeping our errors to a minimum tonight.

I do think our game against Mexico helped us learn about playing stronger defense.

We only have a few games left before the end of the season and we need to keep this momentum going to close out our season.


Date of Contest:    12.9.16          Opponent:   Mexico

Scores: Oswego:     11/21/20             Mexico: 25/25/25


Avery, Azalia – 2 digs
Cloonan, Mary Kate –  ace
Doran, Jade – kill, 2 aces
Griffiths, Olivia – 2 aces
Nyers, Madison – ace
Nettles, Katelyn – ace
Porter, Julia – 2 aces
Whelsky, Abbygail – 2 aces
Wing, Grace – kill

Record: 2-1 (7th grade)


Date of Contest:    12.12.16          Opponent:   Central Sqaure

Scores: Oswego:     25/25/26             Central Square: 16/17/24

Avery, Azalia – 6 aces, dig
Campbell, Alexis – ace
Cloonan, Mary Kate –  ace, 2 assists
Griffiths, Olivia – ace
Murray, Julia – ace
Myers, Madison – 2 kills, ace
Nettles, Katelyn – 2 aces
Porter, Julia – 2 aces
Upcraft, Mallory – ace
Whelsky, Abbygail – 3 aces
Wing, Grace – kill

Record: 3-1 (7th grade)

Theodore (Teddy) Beers
Physical Education Teacher
Volleyball & Lacrosse Coach
Oswego City School District