Oswego Youth Court To Hold Member Training In December

OSWEGO, NY – The Oswego Youth Court will hold a training for new members on Dec. 27 – 29, during Christmas break.

It will be held from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Oswego City Hall.

Youth are eligible to join youth court when they are in grades 7-12.

Applications can be obtained at any Oswego County school district, at the Oswego Youth Bureau, or by going online to www.oswegony.org/DEPT_youth.html

If you already have an application, you may bring it to the first day of training or you may pick up an application at the first day of training.

“This program provides a valuable experience for its members,” said Dawn Metott, city youth coordinator for the Oswego City-County Youth Bureau. “In addition to the benefit of helping their communities and influencing their peers in a positive way, members of Youth Court will learn or improve their public speaking, interviewing and writing skills.”

The Oswego Youth Court Program is a Family Court diversion program designed to create a “new pathway” for troubled youth.

This program also serves youth that commit crimes that are not usually entertained by Family Court.

“Youth Court hears real cases of youthful offenders who are referred by local law enforcement agencies or schools for first time minor offenses,” said Brian Chetney, county youth coordinator for the Oswego City-County Youth Bureau. “Students are trained to become judges, defense attorneys, prosecuting attorneys and court clerks. Members conduct hearings related to their cases and decide on the outcome and punishment for each case.”

Oswego Youth Courts are sponsored by the City of Oswego, the County of Oswego, the Oswego City-County Youth Bureau, and the Office of Children and Family Services.

If you would like more information about the Oswego Youth Court, please contact Chetney, Metott, or Jack Beckwith by calling 349-3575.