Oswego’s 2020 Plan Continues To Take Shape

OSWEGO, NY – The Oswego Common Council adopted the 2020 Vision Comprehensive Plan in August 2003 to guide the city’s economic and community development through 2023.

city sealThe plan has provided the successful framework to garner state and federal grants and guidance for design parameters to preserve and enhance the city’s natural, historical and cultural aspects, according to city officials.

The 2020 plan is a living document, said Mary Vanouse, the city’s community development director.

It requires periodic review and modification by the community to ensure that the Port City achieves its long-term goals and objectives, she added.

The city has been awarded a grant to hire a professional planning firm to conduct public meetings and create a draft revision of the current 2020 plan based upon citizens’ comments.

Mayor Randy Bateman recently appointed a new steering committee of local business and community leaders to guide the revisions. And, the Common Council authorized the purchasing agent to seek qualifications from professional planning firms to coordinate the revision of the 2020 plan.

The steering committee reviewed the qualifications received by the purchasing agent.

Later this month, they will meet with the two finalists.

The committee will then provide its recommendation to the mayor and council regarding which firm to hire that will provide services necessary to conduct the required public meetings and draft a revised plan while staying with in a set financial range.

The draft revision will be reviewed by the council before being adopted.

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  1. This is laughable. How about drawing some business other than minimum wage businesses into this area? There’s so little opportunity for anyone here looking for private sector work that you couldn’t promote this place to Chinese people. Oh, I forgot, this plan has nothing to do with economic development, only preservation of the nothingness that exists here.

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