Oswego’s Winter Parking Ban Begins Dec. 1

OSWEGO, NY – As a reminder; the Oswego Common Council recently adopted a revised winter parking ban which goes into effect beginning tonight Thursday, December 1 at 12 a.m. for “residential areas” and 2 a.m. for the “downtown Area.”

The Winter Parking Ban states: There shall be imposed a ban on parking on all streets within the city limits of the city of Oswego from December 1st of each year until March 31 of the following year. The mayor may, at the mayor’s discretion, initiate the ban earlier than December 1 or extend the ban beyond March 31, based upon weather conditions.

During the period of the ban, no vehicle may park on the streets of the city of Oswego.

The only exception to the ban will be for winter parking permits applied for, and issued, pursuant to section 257-27-D of the City Code.

Additionally, free overnight parking is also available in the following municipal lots:


Former Flexo-Wire (West First / West Schuyler)
Breitbeck Park Lots
Wrights Landing
West First Street – South of the US Post Office


Fort Pool Parking Lot
Lot across from Little Lukes/Riley School (Burkle Street)

Oswego Police will issue courtesy citations for the first few nights of the ban but, after that, violators will be subject to ticketing and towing.


  1. The City of Oswego needs to use smaller snow plow equipment for small amounts of snowfall. Their equipment is way too large and costs of maintenance and gas are way too high. Use your heads, the department has a terrific Commissioner but gets stuck with antique equipment and poor attitudes in the department.

  2. With no snow as of December 4th, this has been a perfect example of the Mayor’s lack of consideration for his town. Barlow claims the ban needs to be in effect for Consistency, yet had all year to set up a decent Odd/Even scienero wherein on Odd days you park on this side and Even days that side. Instead they issue PERMITS for a FEE which would allow residents to park on EITHER side of the street which makes ZERO sense if your goal is to make it safe for the DPW plows to get through. A clear Money Grab for the city. Let’s give our residents who Already pay too much to live here to begin with some credit. If they don’t know Odd Numbers from Even numbers (or even specific days of the week) they deserve to be towed.

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