Out Of Town But Not Out Of Touch

To The Editor:
I grew up in the city of Fulton but since have moved away.

I have always kept in touch through personal contacts or media.

Recently, I was informed of  a letter in the media about a lifelong friend and public servant, Legislator Frank Castiglia Jr.

After reading the letter myself I felt a need to express my displeasure with a letter written by a Legislator Steve Walpole.

In his letter he points out that on several occasions Legislator Castiglia has admitted to his failure to understand a resolution that was voted on and passed.

Knowing Legislator Castiglia for more than 60 years I wouldn’t expect anything different.

Mr. Walpole a true public servant admits when something is wrong.

Then they try and correct it.

A politician on the other hand will try to cover it up.

Now Mr. Walpole if this rental agreement is such a cut and dry deal why wouldn’t you allow it to be voted on again?

Is it because it might bring to light the fact that the majority caucus wants to keep taking more money from the taxpayers?

Now Mr. Walpole you call Legislator Castiglia’s writing “ramblings.”

It always makes me smile when a public servant’s informational writings are called that by a true politician.

A true politician never wants the public to know what is going on.

Transparency in government is what we need.

You also call them entertainment and I would agree with you.

They are entertaining because they tell us all how the county government wheels really turn and not how politicians want us to think it turns.

Now your mention of a $400,000 sidewalk to nowhere.

You fail to mention that this was an amendment brought forth by two of your very own caucus members.

It was for a sidewalk on the CT.41A Bridge so the visitors to the Salmon River and Pulaski area would be able to fish safely.

It never got out of committee.

On the other hand you voted yes on spending $23,000 on a van to deliver mail and paychecks; $200,000 on a pole barn in Hastings (because it was 40 years old and didn’t have a breakroom);  $21,000 for an addition for storage.

All of these expenditures had alternative solutions that wouldn’t in most cases costs the taxpayers any money.

Use a retired patrol car instead of a new van; bring in a reposed mobile home for a breakroom, an AVARDI storage unit for 21 years instead of an addition.

Nobody has to tell me who is the smarter one here.

So please Legislator Castiglia keep “entertaining” us with your “ramblings.”

A former Red Raider
Keith Briggs