Owens Applauds Extension of Unemployment Benefits

Washington – Congressman Bill Owens praised last night’s passage of legislation that extends unemployment benefits for Upstate New Yorkers who are struggling to find work during this tough economic time. The legislation also prevents a 21 percent cut to doctors who treat Medicare patients and extends COBRA subsidies that the unemployed rely on for health care.

“I am pleased to see these benefits return to those who need it most,” said Owens. “Too many hard working families faced an additional burden over the last two weeks because of the partisan actions of one Senator and I hope both parties can work together to do what is best for their constituents in the future. As we work to create jobs in New York, extending benefits for the unemployed and ensuring seniors continue to have access to their doctors must be top priorities.”

The bill extends these benefits for two months and makes unemployment benefits retroactive to the beginning of April.