Owens Leads Money Chase in 23rd District Race; Has the Most Oswego County Donors

The campaign for Congress heads into the final days of the opening round with incumbent Democrat Bill Owens sitting on the largest pile of money.

Campaign filings made public this week show Owens with nearly $1.2 million on hand.  Owens has spent $1.6 million on his reelection so far.

The two Republicans battling for the party’s line in the November election are bringing in and spending money faster, against next week’s primary election deadline.

Republican Matt Doheny has about $940,000 in his campaign bank account as of August 25.  He’s spent nearly $1.4 million and owes $2 million in loans he made to his own campaign.

Republican hopeful and Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman had only $300,000 in the bank on August 25 and had spent nearly $2.1 million on his campaign so far.

The filings show that the 23rd Congressional District race will once again be one of the most expensive races ever run in our part of the state.

The district covers 11 counties and runs from Hannibal in the southwest to Plattsburgh in the far northeast of the state.  It is a district that is larger than some states and spans several media markets, including Plattsburgh, Watertown, Utica and Syracuse.

Oswego County is a battleground county for the Republicans as it contains the highest proportion of registered Republican voters.  Despite that, almost no one has contributed to any of the three campaigns from Oswego County.  There’s no shortage of contributions from New Haven, Connecticut and Phoenix, Arizona, but none from New Haven, New York and only one from Phoenix, New York.

Filings show that Hoffman has gotten just three contributions from people who live in the county.  Dr. Leonard Metildi of Fulton gave twice, totalling $300, and Jude O’Connor of Oswego gave $250.  Those contributions were from 2009, when Hoffman was running a special election race that had a national profile.  He’s gotten no contributions from county residents for his 2010 run so far.

Doheny, meantime, has received two donations during this primary campaign.  Both came from financial planner David Mirabito of Fulton, totalling $500.

Owens has the largest number of donors from within Oswego County.  Six people have made 9 contributions totalling $3,500 since 2009.  Only two of those donations have come this year.  Auto dealership owner Chris Burritt, insurance company owner John Fitzgibbons, Oswego Health CEO Ann Gilpin, Dr. David Kolva of Oswego, Oswego Community Development Director Mary Vanouse and Phoenix resident Felicia Pullam made the donations.

Owens receives a substantial amount of money from political action committeed — more than $800,000 since 2009, against $1.2 million in individual contributions.

Hoffman’s largest share of contributions comes from individuals, $1.6 million.  He has pumped about $450,000 of his own money into the races so far.

Doheny’s largest source of income is his own bank account, loaning the campaign $1 million so far.

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  1. Good for the Congressmen Owens and hope that the good people of Oswego County has had enough of the same old same people getting the procruement, contracts time after time. The Family’s are leaving State and taken their Businesses with them because of the same old Republican party agenda getting us to where we are now knowwhere and leaving the future with very little hope as more amish move in more Familys leave that is not economy growth mr. barclay and when familys go to you for help with predatory lending and you do nothing to stop it makes you wonder who you represent and I guess now we no why don’t we!!!!!! I think we need to find assemblymen who is for the people. So lets give Mr. Owens a Chance and see if we can make a difference in the Future of our Children.
    Mike Kinney
    Ashley’s Lawn & Garden
    Small Business Owner
    Pulaski NY

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