Owens Returns Portion of 2011 Office Budget to Pay Down Deficit

WASHINGTON – Congressman Bill Owens announced that he will return more than $95,000 of his 2011 Congressional office budget to the United States Treasury to help pay down the federal deficit.

This is the third consecutive year that Owens has returned surplus office funds to the Treasury.

In addition to returning this sum, Owens also voted to cut more than $75,000 from his budget from last year, creating a total of $170,000 in savings of taxpayer funds.

“As New York families and small business owners continue to tighten their belts, so too must every member of Congress,” said Owens. “We cannot seriously talk about reducing the national debt and deficit without first operating our own offices in a fiscally responsible manner.  I am pleased to return this portion of my office budget to the Treasury to help pay down the deficit.”

Owens’ return of more than $95,000 is consistent with his fiscally responsible voting record.

In addition to trimming his own budget, Owens has cosponsored legislation to cut his own salary, voted twice to freeze cost-of-living-adjustments for Members of Congress, and wrote to House Speaker John Boehner to suspend Congressional and Presidential pay in the event of a government shutdown.

This year, Owens also voted to pass H.R. 2551, the Legislative Branch Appropriations Act, which reduced the 2012 office budget for every member of Congress by 6.4%.