Owens Seeks Input From Local Business Leaders

WASHINGTON – Last week, Congressman Owens reached out to the Upstate New York business community, sending out a questionnaire to business leaders across North and Central New York to get their ideas about what Congress can do to more effectively create jobs for thousands of area New Yorkers looking for work.

“Job creation is the key to any long-term economic recovery, and that is why it is important to reach out to our local business leaders and hear from those who know how best to get our communities economically active again,” said Owens.

Owens’ questionnaire was sent out last week to various small business community leaders and is also available on the Congressman’s website. The questionnaire polls Upstate New York entrepreneurs both on open-ended ideas for job creation as well as specific hiring practice incentives.

Owens’ letter to local entrepreneurs is the latest is a series of efforts from the Congressman to create jobs and help small businesses in economically challenging times. Last week, Owens introduced H.R. 5085, which would allow small business owners claim $100,000 more in equipment purchase deductions for each job they create.

Congressman Owens’ first bill introduced was the Rural Jobs Tax Credit Act, a bill that would create a 15 percent tax credit for businesses to hire in communities with populations fewer than 50,000. The entirety of New York’s 23rd Congressional District falls under this category.

In addition to authoring these bills, Owens has also supported legislation that would raise the exemption for the federal estate tax to $5 million and $10 million per married couple.

The small business survey can be found at http://owens.house.gov