Owens Votes to Reduce Regulations for Small Businesses

WASHINGTON – Congressman Bill Owens today praised two bills that have passed the House floor with his support and would make it easier for New York small businesses to operate, expand and hire the unemployed.

“Easing regulations that serve as roadblocks between small businesses and success is one of the quickest ways we can begin to put New Yorkers back to work,” said Owens. “I applaud the passage of these common-sense, transparent bills and I look forward to working with both parties to remove barriers to job creation in our communities.”

In the past week, the House of Representatives has passed the following legislation:

· H.R. 527: The Regulatory Flexibility Improvements Act, legislation that curbs costs and government overreach by strengthening requirements on agencies to review and improve existing regulations that lower the burden on small businesses. The bill also enhances the Small Business Administration’s ability to comment on and help shape major rules, assuring uniform implementation of the law across all agencies.

· H.R. 3010: The Regulatory Accountability Act, legislation that requires agencies to assess the costs and benefits of regulatory alternatives. Unless interests of public health, safety or welfare require otherwise, agencies must adopt the least-costly alternative that achieves the regulatory objectives Congress has established.

The National Federation of Independent Business praised the passage of these bills, including the Regulatory Flexibility Improvements Act of 2011:

“Bringing more accountability to the federal rulemaking process is a top priority for small businesses, and passing the Regulatory Flexibility Improvements Act is critical to that effort,” said NFIB President and CEO Dan Danner. “Continuing to hamper the country’s biggest job creators with punishing new rules is the last thing government agencies should be doing during these tough economic times. This bill improves transparency and gives small businesses a greater stake in the regulatory process, and I thank Congressman Owens for his vote in support of these common-sense reforms.”

Owens offers a forum on his website for small business owners to report regulations they believe to be unnecessary. New Yorkers can find the form here: http://owens.house.gov/Contact/SmallBizRegs.htm