Owens Wins Support From Granby, Fulton Republicans

Fulton Common Council member Tom Kenyon, who represents the first ward.

Democratic Congressman Bill Owens won the public backing of two Republican officials in Oswego County and from one of the Assembly members who represent a portion of the county.

Granby Town Supervisor Ed Williamson and Fulton Alderman Tom Kenyon’s comments were contained in a news release from Owens’ campaign Thursday:

“Congressman Owens was there when we called on him for local issues. When we called for assistance on the cleanup of Lake Neatahwanta, Congressman Owens came and pledged his support. He met with neighbors along the Oswego River concerning the Water Chestnut and Duckweed infestation. While we don’t necessarily agree on every issue, we know Congressman Owens is thoughtful in his decision making process and will continue to work to improve legislation that impacts the lives of people in Central and Northern NY,” said Williamson.

“Congressman Owens pays attention to the small stuff,” said Tom Kenyon, City of Fulton Alderman. “When we called for assistance on an issue, he traveled to Fulton on a Sunday afternoon to see for himself what the problem was, and is working toward solution. He has the people of the region’s interests in mind when he makes decisions. When asked questions his opponent only answers with political attacks and references to Nancy Pelosi rather than offering a plan. Bill Owens has my support.”

Owens also gained the backing of Republican Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava, who represents a few of the northernmost towns of the county.

Scozzafava fought a three-way battle with Owens and Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman a year ago in the special election to fill the then-vacant seat in Congress.

Trailing badly, Scozzafava dropped out of the race on the Saturday before the election without telling her supporters for whom they should consider voting.  Owens and Hoffman each issued statements noting Scozzafava’s departure.  Owens’ statement was respectful while Hoffman’s was harsh.

A day later, Scozzafava appeared with Owens to give him her support.  Owens won a very close race.

Scozzafava was stripped of her leadership positions within the party.  She is not running for reelection this year.

In his own statement, Owens said he was honored to receive the backing of Scozzafava and the other Republicans.


  1. Good for Mr. Walliamson and Mr. Kenyon Oswego County has suffer long enough with broken promises and Cronies from the same local People who for years continue to run Oswego with high unemployment and no jobs for the Future so many Small Businesses have left the County and State because they have no work. Lets give Mr Owens a Chance to see if he can make a change for the better.

  2. Ed should have not have endorsed anyone if he did not like the winner of the Rebublican primary. I guess he will be looking to be on the Democrat line next election.

  3. Hey Mike,

    Whether you know it or not, Ed can run in a Republican primary. He is still registered as a Republican and does not have to run on the Democratic line. He has done a wonderful job in the town of Granby. AS for Kenyon, I hope the next election he throws his hat in the ring for Mayor of Fulton. He has done a great job for the first ward and the city of Fulton. I think it is time to throw the parties aside and do what is right for what you believe in.

  4. Kathy,
    I agree…its about time we put the “party” thing aside and started to do whats best for the community and its people. I think its great that these two repubs can work with the other parties to accomplish needs for their communities after all there has been a committee studying the lake for 20 yrs and never accomplished anything and in one weekend these two have gotten some movement from Congressman. I also like the sound of “KENYON FOR MAYOR” its obvious he can work with “all” parties

  5. I didn’t say anything about him working with the Democrats, or having to run on the Dem line. If you are taking campain money and support from a party you don’t crap on them in public. Ed has done a fine job for us in Granby, thou sometimes he should think about what he is about to say before he lets it fly.

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