Owner of Former Nestle Plant in Fulton Pleads Guilty to Felony

FULTON, NY – Edward Palmer, 47, of Phoenix pled guilty to one felony charge of violating the Clean Air Act by illegally removing asbestos from the former Nestle plant in Fulton.

Palmer is the current owner of the property.

The illegal removal of asbestos took place about a year ago and has “nothing to do with the building they’re tearing down now,” said Fulton Mayor Ron Woodward.

The entire Nestle complex is comprised of several buildings sitting on 17 acres.

Palmer has expressed interest to the city of Fulton to tear down other buildings.

In order to obtain the permits to do so he’d “have to prove to us he met the asbestos requirements,” said Woodward.

Palmer also owes $900,000 in back taxes to the city.

The foreclosure notice was posted on Wednesday, which means Palmer has 90 days to pay.

After those 90 days the complex would be signed over to the city of Fulton.

Mayor Woodward said the city hopes to sell the property to someone who’d develop it.

“People are interested in it,” said Woodward. “And have been right along.”


  1. Now that’s a smart city official, foreclose and take title to a property that is loaded with undetected environmental issues and then raise the property taxes on the homes in the city so they can pay for more of your “great decisions”. All over town our properties that are in various states of disrepair that the city owns and can’t tear down, why not one more big one with 100X the problems?

  2. This is how citizens get in trouble they have leaders who put them in jeopardy, because inheriting this building is a big mistake. This building is loaded with toxic landmines that will be the citizens responsibility if the city takes it over. This guy the mayor needs to retire before the city falls deeper into financial bankruptcy. All over town there are buildings that need to be torn down that the city owns and can’t offer to do it.

  3. I guess Woodard forgot to mention to Channel 3 news that this clown owes 900k in back taxes and the city is getting ready to foreclose. Kind of an important point. Maybe Woodard will move city hall there and then along with having the largest police and fire departments behind Syracuse and Rochester, he will also have the largest city hall building.

  4. Since when does a city not auction off back tax properties. This city takes possession of properties and sell them at a profit. See how many other cities are in the real estate business.

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