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September 20, 2018

Owner Offers Reward For Return of Missing Dogs

MARTVILLE – A pet owner is offering a reward to anyone who can safely return two lost dogs.

Reward offered for Mya and Uriah's return

Reward offered for Mya and Uriah’s return

They have been missing since January 15 from their owner’s backyard in Martville NY.

Two Doodles; one is brown and the other is black and white. Their names are Mya and Uriah.

Currently, they are traveling as a pair and were last seen near the Weedsport Thruway.

They’re scared, wet, tired and hungry. However, they are also very loving and friendly.

If anyone sees them, don’t chase them. Lower yourself and call them to you without clapping or making a kissy sound. Also, don’t offer hamburgers, French fries or squeaky toys.

Bring a leash with you when searching.

If located, please call 911 alert the authorities and the owner will come.

The reward is $500 to any group or person that gets them home ASAP!

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