Oz Roller Girls Help SAVE

OSWEGO, NY –  A portion of the proceeds from the Oz Roller Girls’ last bout of the season provided $200 to the local Suicide Awareness Voices of Education charity, which provides resources and support to attempt to prevent suicide.

Oz Roller Girls
Oz Roller Girls

Standing from left are Oz Roller Girls members Mass Jennocide, Masso-Kiss-Tic Mandy, J-RockIt (also a co-founder of SAVE), GI Ginger, Abbie Cadaver and Von Diesel.

Kneeling are Moody Bruiser and Gwyneth Pout N Throw.

The Oz Roller Girls will host an open house so the community can meet members of the league, see derby demonstrations and learn more about the sport.

It is slated for 7 p.m. Nov. 6, in their Oz-Zone facility in the former Real Deals store in Oswego’s Midtown Plaza.

For information, visit www.ozrollergirls.com