Panel to Discuss Current Issues in Historic Preservation at Annual Meeting for Heritage Foundation of Oswego

Submitted by the Heritage Foundation of Oswego

OSWEGO — The Annual Meeting for the Heritage Foundation will be held Tuesday, August 24 at 7 pm in the community room of the historic Oswego Public Library at 120 East Second Street. A panel discussion with local leaders and advocates of historic preservation will discuss the current issues in historic preservation and developing new solutions.

The city of Oswego in particular has been faced with a number of challenges in regard to historic preservation. Most recent is the loss of St. Louis Church, which collapsed in July. This church and the surrounding neighborhood had been recently designated as part of the Washington Square Historic District and was an important part of the eastside downtown district and the served as an anchor of the historic district.

“In the future, as more churches and other historic buildings are vacated it is important to start developing a reuse plan for the future, so that a case such as St. Louis does not happen again. The unfortunate part of this story is the church nearly had a new use in place, the length of vacancy and structural damage made it too late.”

Another historic property is the former Chauncey McDonald residence at the intersection of West Fifth and Bridge Streets. This was an integral corner of historic properties and this was also listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Years of neglect and the elements also contributed to the necessary demolition.

“Anyone interested in preservation or neighborhood revitalization should attend this informative program,” said Austin Wheelock, Heritage Foundation president. “This discussion will help open dialog and see how we can move forward in a proactive way instead of reacting after it is too late.”

The Heritage Foundation of Oswego County is a nonprofit organization with a mission to promote and protect the county’s historic and architectural resources. For more information contact the Heritage Foundation office at 342-3354.