Parents Night Out Continues at Fulton YMCA

Parents: Get your social life back on track! Go out “guilt-free” and have fun knowing that your children are not just waiting for you by the TV — but are having fun too!

Don’t scramble for a sitter; bring your kids to the Fulton Family YMCA for Parents Night Out. Check out that restaurant you’ve heard so much about… catch a movie… enjoy a romantic evening together… hang out with friends… attend a formal social occasion, or just have a quiet night in… All while your kids are enjoying a fun-filled evening of games, exercise pizza and more! They will not be missing you half as much as you will be missing them… and, boy oh boy, will they sleep well afterwards! Pizza from Red Barron Pizza will be provided along with juice.

On Friday February 12th and February 26th parent’s can drop their children off from 6:00 pm until 9:00 pm and enjoy and evening out. You can choose one night or both nights.

To register, contact the Fulton Family YMCA at 315-598-9622. The cost for Fulton YMCA members is $8.00 per child and $6.00 for each additional family member. The non-member rate is $10.00 per child and $8.00 for each additional family member. Register for both nights and we will put your name into a drawing to win a dinner from Red Barron Pizza.