Parents of Special Children to Become Part of Oswego Industries

FULTON, NY – Parents of Special Children, a Fulton-based nonprofit agency that supports children and families with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities, is excited to announce its new location at 7 Morrill Place, Fulton.

The organization is sharing space with Oswego Industries, Inc. and recently held an open house inviting members of the community to tour its new space.

The two organizations are preparing to become one as of January 1, 2020.

“We are so glad the event was well-attended, and that local author Leroy Collins was able to join us,” said Theresa Familo, executive director of Parents of Special Children. “We want this transition and our next, to be as seamless as possible for the families we support.”

The organization will become part of Oswego Industries in 2020. Families currently served by Parents of Special Children receive assistance with obtaining Guardianship, Educational Advocacy, Family Reimbursement, and Respite supports.

The Educational Advocacy program helps families navigate the special education process, while Family Reimbursement covers goods and services not covered by other funding sources.

The Respite program offers the caregiver time away from the challenges of caring for someone with special needs.

These services will continue to be available after the organization becomes part of Oswego Industries.

Oswego Industries also offers a number of other supports that will complement those currently provided by Parents of Special Children, including: Community Habilitation, which supports people of all ages in becoming more active members of their community; Day Habilitation, which provides support in learning activities of daily living for people with disabilities; and Pre-Vocational and Vocational Services, which assist people with disabilities in preparing for, finding, and maintaining employment.
The agency will soon be debuting its Broker Services program as well, which provides support for people with disabilities who self-direct their services.

Parents of Special Children, Inc. is dedicated to the concepts of family empowerment, mutual support, and cost-effective service delivery. Its mission is to facilitate the provision of supportive services to persons with special needs and their families; to provide community awareness with regard to issues of importance to persons with disabilities and their families; and to advocate on behalf of individuals with disabilities and their families.

Oswego Industries is a private, not-for-profit agency located in Fulton, which has been dedicated to the provision of services to individuals with disabilities since 1968.

Our mission is to be a leader in the field of developmental disabilities, committed to meeting the needs of individual growth, productivity and independence through education, advocacy and increased community acceptance and participation.