Parish Elementary School Literacy and Exploration Night

Learning is fun and fun is learning at Parish Elementary School.

Evidence of this is the microscopes, hula hoops, mud, rubber bands, and iPads that were all part of a family-focused learning adventure at the school’s recent Literacy and Exploration Night on March 2.

<p>Parish Elementary School first grade student Emma Derby and her mom Christina Derby work together to complete a geography challenge at the school’s Literacy and Exploration Night. </p>

The event, organized by the school’s Parent-Teacher Association and coordinated with the support of PES staff members, Rebel Club volunteers and members of the Altmar-Parish-Williamstown Class of 2012, gave PES students and their family members an opportunity to explore seven different learning centers related to science and social studies.

In the gymnasium families participated in a Parish Pentathlon and learned the science behind sports.

<p>At the Parish Elementary School Literacy and Exploration Night students got a glimpse of what life was like as an early settler in Oswego County. The students wrote letters using quill pens and made homemade sheets of paper by pressing paper pulp into a fine mesh screen. Pictured above creating a sheet of paper are PES second grade students Chelsie Trumble, left, Mackenzie Johnson, middle, and Gracie Crandall with PES student teacher Mary Pisa. </p>

A hula hoop activity challenged participants to explore concepts of friction versus gravity while a rubber band shootout demonstrated the difference between potential energy and kinetic energy.

At the Exploring Our National World center families explored nature and the environment. Guests constructed bird nests using mud, straw, sticks and other natural materials and then took a closer look at various insects, vegetable samples, and hair strands using microscopes.

At a skulls and skeletons table families worked together to identify some well-known animals and then explored the distinguishing characteristics between herbivores and carnivores.

<p>Andrea Wheaton and her mom Amy Wheaton investigate the world and nature using a microscope. Andrea is the younger sister of Parish Elementary School student Turner Wheaton and joined her brother and parents for the school’s Literacy and Exploration Night.</p>

At the History Happened Here learning center families took a step back in time to experience life in Oswego County as an early settler. They tried their hand at using a quill pen and pressed recycled paper pulp into a screen to make sheets of paper.

One of the most popular learning centers at the exploration night was the iPad learning center.

iPads, iPods and iPhones bring a new dimension to learning, giving students an opportunity to play educational games that strengthen literacy, math and other essential skills.

The Literacy and Exploration Night kicked-off March as People as Reading Partners month at Parish Elementary School.

PARP was established to help increase engagement and get students excited about learning and exploring topics that they find meaningful and interesting.

<p>Parish Elementary School kindergarten student Gail Louer and her mom, Jacqueline, explore the skulls and skeletons activity station at the school’s Literacy and Exploration Night. </p>

Reading partners support students on their learning exploration by reading together, discussing and asking questions about content.

This year PARP will culminate on March 29 with a school-wide Learning Fair where the students will be showcasing projects that they created about topics they are interested in related to science, social students, reading or math.