Parkhurst Hosts Movie Night At Foster Park

Four adults in foreground and children in background on swings
Ethan Parkhurst (middle) at movie night event.

FULTON – Despite the day of rain, community members gathered at Foster Park to attend a movie night hosted by mayoral candidate Ethan Parkhurst.

“The rain was a little damper on our plans, but we’re making the best of it,” Parkhurst said. “Rain or shine I want to make sure we keep providing for our community.”

People sit under a pavilion
A pavilion kept people dry during the event.

Parkhurst decided to screen “Avengers: End Game” under a pavillion with free admission on the West side of the city, a side he said he believes does not have many free events for families.

Pies Guys Pizzeria in Fulton donated some pizzas to sell at the event and Self Made Enterprises, LLC. donated the money to obtain the necessary licenses to screen the three hour long movie, which will not be released beyond the big screen until later this month.

He said he also chose Foster Park because people near the park could walk or ride a bicycle if they do not own a vehicle. He said a lot of people do not know about Foster Park because it appears more secluded, but is beautiful and wide open.

The park is located on the western side of the Oswego River on Foster Street, and was established in 1937, according to Friends of Fulton Parks.

Parkhurst said he thanks the city for providing extra tables, expediting a new power pole and putting new gravel in the driveway.

“When we thought we were going to cancel they even offered me the community room down at city hall to throw it there if we had to change venues,” Parkhurst said.

Even though it continued to rain during the event, Parkhurst said he did not want to change venues because he had already advertised for it there and he knew people were looking forward to it.

“I want to keep these community events going as much as possible, because obviously, the kids don’t have anything here,” Parkhurst said. “Stuff like this, you see there’s people here even after if just got done down pouring, there’s still people here. This is what our city needs, community love.”

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