Parking Problems Affecting Business At Downtown Restaurant; City Plans Changes

FULTON, NY – A new business in a popular downtown location is facing problems that could result in closed doors.

Susan Ryan, owner of the Tavern on the Lock Restaurant, approached the Fulton Common Council last week with the concerns.

Ryan requested that the city change the parking times for the parking lot adjacent to her business — regarded by the city as “lot 5” — to two-hour parking.parking lot

“Right now, it is all-day parking,” Ryan explained. “We have no room for our lunch customers.”

Ryan explained that the parking lot is typically full by the start of the business day as downtown employees head to work. As a result, the lunch “rush” is turning to a trickle as customers have no where to park.

“It has become detrimental to our lunch business,” Ryan said. “If we don’t have lunch (business), we are going to be closing.”

Ryan pointed out that elderly customers, especially, are less likely to find a parking space several blocks away and walk to the restaurant. She said she sees customers circle downtown in their cars at lunch time trying to find a space.

“How many times are you going to drive around before you don’t go to that restaurant?” Ryan asked.

Third Ward Alderman Robert Weston said that parking has always been an issue downtown.

“We have to ask businesses to ask their employees not to park there,” Weston said.

Weston noted that the city lot across Oneida Street is available for public parking but often underused.

“There are no cars,” Weston said.

“The council knows what needs to be done,” Weston added. “We (need to) just do it.”

Second Ward Alderman David Guyer pointed out that employees in Syracuse walk several blocks every day to get to and from work. He noted that asking people to park in the lot across Oneida Street is not too much to ask.

Ryan pointed out that her employees already use that space.

Sixth Ward Alderman Russ Hayden said he took time to talk to downtown business owners about the changes that could be coming down the pike.

“I went down and talked them,” Sixth Ward Alderman Russ Hayden said. “They are not in favor (of the changes) but we’ve got to do what’s right.”

The city hosted a special meeting Tuesday evening. Among the items discussed, the council agreed to advertise for a public hearing to change parking times in lot 5. The hearing will be held July 1.

“We have a new business there and we don’t want it to fold because of a parking problem,” Mayor Ronald Woodward said.

Woodward said that he remembers dealing with downtown parking issues during his first term as mayor in 1986, as well.

“It has always been an issue,” he said. “But there is no point to having businesses downtown if customers can’t get to them because of the parking.”


  1. It would be great to change the parking
    but will it get enforced is the next big
    question. Just yesterday while sitting at
    the light on 2nd and Broadway I witnessed
    3 people on cell phones.And I see that at
    least 20 times a day.

  2. I agree that parking should be limited to two hours in lot 5. Many times I have tried to go to the Lock for lunch and left because there simply was no where to park.

  3. The city needs to do whatever it takes in order to keep this business open.They bought the place in hopes of having it work.The employees that work downtown should park elsewhere.I just drove down there(10am) and that lot is full of cars.
    Do what it takes for this business,if they close it will sit again because nobody will buy it with the same parking problems.

  4. I lived in Fulton for 35 years and there has always been a parking problem downtown. I have a suggestion: Someone should build a parking garage in the downtown area. This would alleviate a lot of the problems for employees and customers.

  5. I remember one time in Fulton at the light on broadway and east second street , a young lady was talking on her cell phone and a police officer was sitting next to her waiting to turn , he smiled at her and then turned towards the police department . If the police don’t enforce something that blatant does anyone really think they will enforce a new parking plan to help out a local business ?

  6. I agree that parking is a problem and has been-but I doubt that is why the restaurant isn’t doing well. Other restaurants in the area face the same problems and do just fine. I felt the food and service left alot to be desired.

  7. That is a different issue and should be brought up elsewhere.

    But solely on the parking issue, I feel that the downtown workers should have to park across the Oneida street that would alleviate the problem completely.

  8. gee, i remember last year that a person was going to be hired at about minimum wage to ticket people for parking, later on it was stated a very small piece that he was hired at $12.00 per hour{must be fulton tax dollars at work. i payed a seat belt ticket a couple of years ago, after i had a go around with a court clerk, (they could’t find my ticket that i had previously mailed in) but. fulton police probably don’t give tickets be cause they break nys laws that they’r payed to uphold; i.e. cell phone laws. i don’t see anything at all in some idiot talking on a phone with their head up you no where. about

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