Patrons Have Right To Expect A Safe, Comfortable Environment

To The Editor:

The Oswego Public Library encourages people of all ages to visit the library.

Those using the library and its resources have the right to expect a safe and comfortable environment that supports appropriate library services.

For the past year, the library has experienced problems posing both a disruptive and unsafe environment to our patrons and visitors.

To address these problems the library has hired a security firm to assist the staff in handling and preventing such issues from occurring in the future.

ICU Security has experience working in public libraries and understands what is expected from library visitors.

In addition to training the library staff, ICU will be working directly with local law enforcement agencies in our community to address these concerns.

Please assist the library staff or our security in maintaining a safe and comfortable environment by reporting any misuse or disruption you witness.

Thank you for helping make this library a good experience for everyone.

Carol Ferlito, Oswego SD Public Library Director


  1. I’m glad to hear that the library is working on maintaining a safe environment. However, this letter is so ambiguous that I really don’t know what has occurred and what Is should be aware of when I visit the library. I’ve always felt safe at the library and now I don’t! I wish they had just presented the plain facts so that we could keep our eyes open and be aware of our surroundings while at the library.

  2. A sad state of affairs when our local library needs to have a firm provide security. Truthfully, we have a criminal justice system that should be addressing these issues. If a patron was disruptive, or otherwise engaged in offensive behavior there should be existing mechanisms in place to address that without the added cost and expense to our libraries.

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