People Settling Into Market’s Earlier Schedule

By  Alma I. Hidalgo, contributing writer
OSWEGO, NY – Last week, at the fourth farmers’ market of the season, many people enjoyed the beautiful weather and the products the market has to offer; though some concerns linger regarding the new, earlier schedule.

This year, the Oswego Farmers’ Market is held from 4-8 p.m. instead of the traditional 5-9 p.m.

West First Street is also closed at 3 p.m. to allow vendors time to set up.

Francisco Aguilera and his son put out some fresh strawberries.
Francisco Aguilera and his son put out some fresh strawberries.

“The vegetables and the fruits are less expensive here than at a super market,” said Betty Lou Allen, an Oswego resident.

People were also enthusiastic about the handmade arts and crafts available at the market.

“I usually look for handmade things such as silver jewelry,” said Linda Henry. “And, dog biscuits because I have two dogs.”

Others, however, were checking out the food, plants, and just enjoying the opportunity to go out and see their friends.

“When kids are out from school, they can come to the farmers’ market,” said Naomi Greco, a high school student.

The new 4-8 p.m. schedule has irked some business people while pleasing some vendors.

Some business owners along West First Street would like to see farmers’ market returned to its previous schedule.

One reason is the inconvenience the earlier time represents for people coming from different places such as Syracuse.

“People typically come out from work around six by the time they get home, get ready and come down to the market, they only have an hour to look around the market,” said Marylin Boyzuck, owner of  Ontario Winds.

Other business people, such as Lana Goodwin, agree the new schedule doesn’t consider people that are coming from work.

Some acknowledge this problem; They stay open a little bit longer.

“A few people were a little disappointed about the new schedule,” said Kellie Finnegan of Manipulation Massage Therapy. “Some people are not aware that the farmers’ market is closing earlier instead of later. So we try to stay open for those people.”

Vendors see the new schedule as a positive change towards improvement of the farmers’ market.

Alyssa Davis concentrates on making handmade jewelry and accessories.
Alyssa Davis concentrates on making handmade jewelry and accessories.

“I feel very good because before we used to leave very late at 9 p.m. and it used to be very dark by the time we left, because the streets lights will go off slowly. By the time I got home, it would be 10 p.m.,” said Gisela Schneider, a Maple Grove farmer.

Other vendors support the new schedule, because it gives more time to prepare their products.

“I like the new schedule because you have more time to prepare yourself and you are more efficient. I think is great,” said Jeff Halstead owner of Halstead Harvest.

Located on West First Street, between Bridge and Oneida streets, the market will continue every Thursday from 4-8 p.m. through Sept. 30.

This week, June 24, will be Polish Night.

Live entertainment is featured weekly and several theme nights will also be held throughout the summer.

For the safety of the pet, as well as the general public, animals are prohibited from the market.

Bicycles and skateboards are also not allowed on West First Street during market hours.

For more information, call market manager Julie Stanka at 343-7681.