Perseverance Honored At Fairgrieve Elementary

Fairgrieve Elementary School recently celebrated one student from each classroom who exhibited perseverance throughout the month of March.

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Students at Fairgrieve were recently recognized for their commitment to perseverance throughout the month of March.

Principal Jean Sampsell honored 24 students in kindergarten through grade six with the Virtue of the Month award because “they never gave up and persevered through an academic, behavioral or social situation in class.”

For their efforts, each recipient received a “brag tag” to add to their collection and thunderous applause from classmates, teachers and guests during a Morning Express program.

The Fourth Grade Glee Club continued the celebration with a performance of “Get Back up Again,” from the hit movie, “Trolls.”

Director Hope Lawton, accompanied by teacher Justin Johnson playing the guitar, led the club in an uplifting performance.

Lawton said the relatable song aimed to provide motivation for students to succeed in school, sports, music and other area they set goals.

Pictured in the front, from left, are Virtue of the Month honorees: Sophia Frataccia-Wavle, Braylon Koval, Johnnie McCloud, Amador Gonzalez-Ortiz, Charleigh Shaffer, Tyler Pagliaroli, Eugene Webster, Kaya Renfrew, Jayce Troutman and Dalilah Vasquez.

In the middle, from left, are Principal Sampsell and students: David Janack, Malayah McCloud, Michael VanDeLinder, Izaac Mirabito, Gabrella Gardner, Joshua Favata, Donavan Oatman and Gage Brown.

In back, from left, are: Olivia Nesbitt, Dalton Burns, Hannah Chetney, Richard LaGrow, Olivia Bauer and Alexa Halstead.