Petitions Filed for Oswego County Legislature Seats

As of July 11, anyone seeking to run for a seat on the county legislature needed to have his or her petitions filed with the Oswego County Board of Elections.

In order to be put on the ballot for the primary elections, petitioners needed signatures comprising 5% of the total registered voters in his or her party.

Submitting petitions in Oswego were: Amy Tressider, Jake Mulcahey, and Michael Kunzwiler.

Fulton had petitions filed by: Dan Farfaglia, Frank Castiglia, Linda Lockwood, Shane Broadwell, James Karasek, and Louella Leclair.

Now that all petitions are submitted, the Board of Elections will go through them and make sure there are enough signatures on each and if any need to be challenged.

“Right now people are looking at them,” said Republican Commissioner Peggy Bickford. “If there are errors they can be taken off (the ballot). By the 22nd we know who’s on and who’s challenged. Then we go to primary.”

The names of those who are successful in his or her petitions will appear on the ballot on September 10 for the primary election.