Phoenix Central School District Staff Recognized for Years of Service

Many teachers and staff were recognized for their 15 to 40 years of service with the Phoenix Central School District (PCSD) on Faculty and Staff Opening Day, Sept. 2.

Superintendent Judy Belfield awarded pins of recognition to each of the 53 employees as they approached the front of the auditorium. If all the years of dedication from these staff members were added together, it would equal 995 years.

The following are recognized for their years of service with the PCSD:

15 Years of Service:

Robyn Abbott Teacher Aide, MAM
Jennifer Astafan Teaching Assistant, EJD
Alice Benjamin Physical Ed. Teacher, MAM
Amy Bonnier 5th Grade Science Teacher, EJD
Heather Cannella 2nd Grade Teacher, MAM
James Demauro Music Teacher, EJD
Ron Falise Teaching Assistant, EJD
Patrick Fitch Assistant Principal, JCB
Tracey Ford French Teacher, EJD
Bob Halstead Head Custodian, EJD
Janelle Matlock 5th Grade ELA Teacher, EJD
Lynn McCaffrey 5th Grade ELA Teacher, EJD
Gail Middleton Teaching Assistant, JCB
Gene Mills Physical Ed. Teacher, JCB
Cathy Nelson Teacher Aide (MAM) / Bus Aide
Sandra North Teaching Assistant, MAM
Jill Pitcher Math Teacher, JCB
Andrew Robertson Kindergarten Teacher, MAM
Christi Sharkey Teaching Assistant, EJD
Susan Sharp Science Teacher, JCB
Laura Swan Teacher Aide, MAM
Tom Tommarello English Teacher, JCB
Denise Walberger Math Teacher, EJD
Keith Walberger Physical Ed. Teacher, EJD
Ruth Whorral Custodian, JCB
Ellen Wilson Senior Food Svc. Helper, JCB

20 Years of Service:

Vanda Allen Custodian, EJD
Brenda Alvarado Senior Food Svc. Helper, MAM
K.C. Bechard English Teacher, JCB
Bill Carvell Maintenance Worker
Joan Clark Teaching Assistant, MAM
Catherine Dilorenzo Special Ed. Teacher, EJD
Lisa Gaudreau Guidance Counselor, JCB
Debbie Gerace Bus Driver, Transportation
Michelle Rudy Clerical, JCB Main Office
Nora Germain Guidance Counselor, MAM
Sarah Lamanna Special Ed. Teacher, JCB
Joan Martin Social Studies Teacher, JCB
Donna McArthur Teaching Assistant, EJD
Roseanne Miller Bus Driver
Joseph Ventura Social Studies Teacher, JCB

25 Years of Service:

Bonnie Coleman Clerical, EJD Guidance
Dave Frateschi Music Teacher, JCB
Emily Giraudin Special Education Teacher, JCB
Kathie Hetko 5th Grade Math Teacher, EJD
Sally Karkuff Bus Driver, Transportation
William Karl 6th Grade Science Teacher, EJD
Nancy Sorrendino Teaching Assistant, MAM

30 Years of Service:

Melinda Garrett 2nd Grade Teacher, MAM
Lucille Mercer Kindergarten Teacher, MAM
Tammy Woodard Clerical, JCB Guidance

35 Years of Service:

Ron Spencer Custodian

40 Years of Service:

Sue Anderson Principal, EJD