Phoenix Lawyer Teaches About Medicaid

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John M. Murphy, Jr

Nursing home costs can rapidly eat away saved assets.  Trained planners, though, can help families preserve their accumulated wealth.

Medicaid Practice Systems, a recognized leader in training attorneys, has accepted John M. Murphy, Jr., Esq of the Estate Planning Institute of Phoenix, New York, into their instructor training program.

“As a graduate and member, it is a great honor to be chosen to begin the process of becoming certified to teach the program to others”, said Murphy.

Once his training is completed, Murphy will be able to teach other estate planners the latest strategies to protect assets from nursing home costs.

Estate Planning Institute is located at 440 Main Street, Phoenix, NY 13135.  EPI serves clients in Onondaga, Oswego, Cayuga, and Jefferson counties. Their web address is www.EstatePlanningInst.com.